One Pass One Community

Last week I was invited to the launch party for GuavaPass – the new launch of a fitness pass that allows you to get access to a list of different fitness classes from yoga to kickboxing, spinning to dance, CrossFit to Pilates in all the major cities in Asia from Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, with Shanghai, Taipei, Sydney, Melbourne and Dubai coming in the near future.


I was helping out at one of the “challenge station”, where participants have to 1. strike a yoga pose; 2. do a 20 seconds plank pose 3. spar with a Muay Thai trainer to collect 3 stamps so they can enter the lucky draw to win some great prizes from gym goodies to healthy treats from Munchbox Hong Kong to Apple Watch to a 3D2N package at Five Elements in Bali. I was totally impressed people taking these challenges in their suits or mini skirts. Very cool crowd indeed.


The fitness industry is absolutely expanding. There are many new studios opening in town every month, and most of them are boutique studios offering specialised fitness programs.

  1. More people are preferring smaller studios and smaller classes so they can get more attention from the trainers and teachers.
  2. It allows cross training to happen. The days of just “hamster-ing” on the treadmill is gone. Now people wants to do cross train with different activities depending on their schedule and the intensity the want, and they can go from pumping Crossfit to restorative yoga as they wish.
  3. It makes you try something new, and  keep things fresh.The way it works is you can only attend the same classes a certain times a week, making you HAVE to try some other classes. It is just so much more fun than sticking to one gym membership.
  4. It supports small local businesses. As we all know we all suffer from high rent living in this city. The pass membership brings students to the small studios. As members can only visit one studio a certain amount of times a week, it’s likely that they will try out a few different studios in the program.
  5. IT’s great for business travellers who always travel to these major cities. A lot of people I know cannot afford a gym membership here in Hong Kong not because of money, but because they travel so much it does not make sense when they can only go to the gym few times a month. With GuavaPass you can visit different gyms/studios even when you are travelling. No more excuse for not being able to workout on business trips anymore.
  6. It’s a community. It allows you to meet new friends and as we all know, having fitness buddies is the best way to make our fitness routines fun and sustainable! And now you have the whole community!

This concept is certainly not new. ClassPass which started in US is now valued at over $200M, running in most of the major cities in US and Canada.

ClassPass: How one entrepreneur raised $14 million

As a yoga teacher I obviously do mostly yoga, but I try to do some resistance training and cardio by myself and I go to Muay Thai with my husband once a week.  However I am struggling with “getting out” to try new things with my busy schedule. But with the amazing selections on GuavaPass I am definitely giving it a go to shake thing up!


Thank you for inviting me to this fun and meaningful event, and I am grateful Hong Kong is having something like GuavaPass to bring more people to get fit at a reasonable cost and to help local business in the fitness industry to blossom and glow.


One thought on “One Pass One Community

  1. Jessica Fong

    GuavaPass is meh, the classes I want to book are always full, and sometimes I cannot book any classes. I feel like I wasted $900 dollars. I wrote to the customer service but they are either very rude or they just don’t reply. I cancelled my membership with them.

    I switched to ClassCruiser and I think they are WAY better, they even have better studios, plus they’re local and I rather support the Hong Kong start-up scene over a foreign one.


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