The story behind Bowen Rooftop Flow

As some of you may know, I have been running a monthly community rooftop class on the rooftop of my home on the last Sunday of the month. It’s en event where I usually partner up with another yoga teacher to co-teach the yoga class. Then I have my husband plays the role of both the DJ and the photographer of the event. And I reached out to local healthy food providers/caterers/chefs to provide healthy snacks and nibbles of the event.

The original idea when I started this event, I am going to be honest – it was because I needed a venue to teach. As a new yoga teacher, I needed to build up my teaching experience, before.. Erm… anyone would hire me. So I thought… what’s better than running a yoga event at my home?

Then I thought… I had many new yoga teacher friends like myself that want to teach… and hey, as a new teacher it’s better to “share the burden” right? So as a tradition this has always been a class co-teach by two teachers.

To make the event more “attractive ” – something you worry when you are a new teacher.. better bring in some “goodies”. So I reached out to my friends who are in the healthy food business to sponsor some nibbles at the event. I have been grateful that I have got amazing friends who have been so willing to help with no cost.

And then I got many friends who helped me to be the teaching assistants of the class. Not only they help assisted the class, they brought their friends in, and helped me to promote the event.

It has been 6 months since the first event. I came from a place when I worried about no one would hire me to teaching a 350 people class at #OMFESTHK. I am now a full time yoga teacher teaching at various studios, offices and offering private lessons in Hong Kongt. I also teach on Yoogia, an online yoga channel which is available to over 50 countries worldwide.

I took a 2 months break in summer. However Bowen Rooftop Flow is where I begin, and I intended to continue to run this event once a month to bring the yoga (and non yoga) community together.

I am super excited to bring the party back on a special day on Mid Autumn Festival – a day in Chinese tradition is to bring the friends and family together. On this day I will partner up the amazing Heloise, who is a yoga teacher at Flex HK in Hong Kong, and also a teacher on Yoogaia as we lead through  a detoxing yet grounding practice at sunset.


This is a charity event and the proceeds with go to the following organization.

Migrant Offshore Aid Station

To read more about where the birth of Migrant Offshore Aid come about:

A Lifeline to save lives

All the 40 mats for the yoga class is all sold out.

However, the class will be followed by after party, with healthy nibbles provided by Real Food HK, a new addition to our local health and wellness community in Hong Kong, who will deliver your healthy meals to your home and offices. Real food will be feeding us nutritious and nourishing canapés, as we all hang out under the full moon.

Please bring your own water bottle and we will supply water (we try to produce less plastic waste, something nice to our Mother Earth).

On top of that, we have Jax Coco sponsoring us with their coconut water, Genie Juicery with their delicious cold-pressed juices, and Munchbox HK with their guilt free healthy snacks for some lucky ones in the lucky draw. And there will be Munchbox discount vouchers and a 14 day free trial on Yoogaia for the attendees of the event.

The after party is $150 per head.

Kids are welcome. We will have lanterns and glow toys. During the yoga class we will have someone taking care of them, and they can join us after the class.

Date: 27 September, 2015 (Sunday)

Time: 5:00pm till late

Venue: The Caronia House, 17 Bowen Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

Price: $200 for yoga + party (SOLD OUT)

$150 for after party (the more the merrier!)

To purchase tickets please click on the following link:

Facebook event link:

* Please bring your own yoga mat. If you do not have one please let us know so we can sort it out for you!

I am so thrilled and grateful for everyone who signed up, who sponsored, and all of you who spread the love in our HK Yoga community.

We look forward to get together with everyone on this special day.

With playfulness and love,

Cora  via PLaY with Cora

Sponsors link:

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