Stretching your meal- Bread Talk

Oh yea… I am a yoga teacher so all I talk about is stretching. Stretching my body… stretching my mind… and stretching my mea!!

The term “Stretching your meal” actually refer to ways to “trick your brain” to make your meal looks bigger. In fact I have written another blog post on that before. Please see below link.

How to make your meal look bigger

Now today’s blog is on bread… the “evil” bread that we “should” all stay away from.

Before I go further not this topic (which is not the focus of this blog post), I first have to state my stand on this topic. I love bread. I am so not gluten free. I have tried, however I don’t really see much difference. However I have seen people who experienced a huge transformation in their health after removing gluten. I am not going to go too deep here, as I am still unsure on that topic. However, I have taken a closer look into all the bread around town and took a closer look into the ingredients and I would share them in another post. The findings are quite shocking. More on that later.

However, meanwhile let’s get back into the “stretching”.

As I become a yoga teacher I usually stay outside for the whole day and I come home early evening. I either eat out, but I realised it’s pretty hard to find a balanced meal with enough protein and vegetables when I eat out. So I am starting to pack my lunch and a sandwich or a wrap is a good option for me as I run around town from studio to studio and I need something dry, durable and…  does not require cutlery.

If you have been following my blogs, you may know that I am a huge fan of tortillas or “wrap”. One of the biggest reasons is because I can fit in a lot more protein and vegetables into the wrap, and even more if you eat it “open face” like a thin pizza. At the same time they are actually “lighter” than bread can contain less carb compare to a sandwich. So today I have done a little bit deeper and made a little comparison on different types of bread (and tortillas) on how it looks like.

I basically measured out 100g of different kinds of bread and tortillas.

Not the that 100g of carb grams does not mean 100g of carbs, as whatever we are measuring – bread, tortillas, pasta, bread has other ingredients in it including water, salt etc. Some bread carbs are more airy and than the others, However it is just an easy comparison on the different carb choices with the same “weight”. Also note that all the bread/tortillas in the “experiment” has about the same fat content – less than 2g of fat in 100g serving, except corn tortillas generally have a higher fat content.

You can see the comparison in the photo above.

– Baguettes have lots of air in it, and by far is the lightest bread. You get almost half a baguette for 100g. It’s truly satisfying.
– Whole wheat and white bread is about the same. 100g is about 2 slices of sandwich size bread.
– Rye bread is denser than whole wheat.
– Bagels are very dense bread. 100g gives you a small size bagel only.
– I like using long bread rolls and cut them into small slices. It makes you feel like you are having more.
– Tortillas are also great carb option. As they are thinner you can get more pieces. 100g gives you 3 6″ flour tortillas or 4 6″ corn tortillas or 1 large wrap size tortilla.

Of course these findings would be different from your bread. But I hope you find this information interesting.

More on the bread topic later.

One thought on “Stretching your meal- Bread Talk

  1. Summer

    hey Cora thanks for sharing. I personally like rye bread, tortilla and bagel. I have tried gluten free for a while but it resulted in low blood sugar, therefore I am quite sceptical about this diet. Look forward to the upcoming blog post.


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