Mother’s Day Special – An interview with the yoga moms

I was a full time mother for six years before I got back to work last year as a yoga teacher. Sure being a yoga teacher has a more flexible working hours than moms who have full time jobs (big salute to all the full time moms!) it’s still not easy.

On this Mother’s Day I chatted with Fé and Rachel, two super moms in Hong Kong, who juggle their busy lives with running their own business, yoga teaching and demanding mommy and wife duties with their families.

Cora: I quitted my banking job 7 years ago when I had my boy (now 7 years old). I used to spend every moment with him. After I had my little girl (she is now 4) I decided it’s time to get back to work and I became a yoga teacher. It’s definitely not easy to be a yoga mom!  How many kids do you have and how old are they?

Fé: I have 3 children and they are 6.5, 5 and almost 3 years old.

Fe and Family

Fe´and her beautiful children.

Rachel: I also have 3 children who are 9, 7 and 4 years old.

Cora: Wow. Super moms here. I used to send my son to kids’ yoga class but he just couldn’t stay still (sitting or standing!). However he loves to hang himself upside down on the hammock. My little girl, however, are more happy to try a few poses. I also learn a few Acroyoga poses with them and they love it. Do your children practice yoga? Do you teach them yourself? What would you like your kids to benefit from yoga?


Yoga is a great way to connect to your kids. Picture of Cora and his boy.

: I send my kids to yoga classes and we do yoga at home together. I believe yoga can help them build more awareness in their bodies.

Rachel: My children see me doing yoga and they always come to events whenever I am teaching. My little one loves playing on the Prana wheel. We also chant before bed together almost every night. When they see mom practice, meditating and chanting at a young age it will help open their minds to decide what path they may choose as they grow up.


Rachel practicing yoga wth her children on the Prana Wheel

Cora: I am the most impatient person I know, but I found after practicing yoga it makes me a calmer person, at least being more aware when I start to get impatient. People say yoga makes us better mom, and being a mom makes us better teachers. I totally agree to that. How does yoga help you as a mom?

Fé: Yoga helps me to stay grounded and to cope with my demanding mommy duties. The experience of motherhood is an incredible journey, where you learn a lot about yourself, the values and skills you want to pass on to your little ones and students.

Rachel: Through my own students of self through yoga I have learnt to let go of the little things and try my best not to react quickly.

Cora: I totally agree. I found it challenging at times to juggle between being a mom and my job as a yoga teacher. For me I don’t teach in the evenings and my weekend teaching schedule is very light. How do you find balance between job and your family?

Fé: Based on my priorities, I set a clear schedule: I work every day until 4pm, then I go home to be with my children. Of course, this is flexible but I try to spend some quality time each of my children every day. Right now what works for us is one on one sessions of 10 to 15 minutes.

Rachel: I either teach early in the morning and finish early or start late and teach in the evenings and in that case I spend time with my kids before I go to work. Sometimes I would spend time with them between classes. My weekend schedule is light, unless there are events, which I will take them with me!

Cora: I agree setting a clear schedule is key, and yes weekends are important. Now lastly, how are you going to celebrate Mother’s Day?

: No clue. We have no plans! I like the idea to be open for surprises!

Rachel: On Mother’s Day we will have lunch in Soho and in the afternoon I will teach a special Mother’s Day Silent Disco Yoga class and my kids will join me. I am very excited about it as my daughter will help me in front of the class!

Cora: I am very lucky to have my family in Hong Kong and we will have a big family dinner with my mom and my grandmother!! Thank you for both of your time and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!
A full article where I will interview a few more yoga moms will be shown on www.Goodin.HK. Check it out later in the week!
About Fé:

Fe Falvekens is the founder of A day with fé. A versatile athleisure brand that effortlessly blends studio to street yoga wear that are chic, graceful and comfortable. You can check out her website at She also runs events including meditation and yoga events. Check out on

Fe meditation.png

Fé runs meditation classes at her shop a day with fé regularly.

About Rachel:

Rachel Solomons teaches at The Yoga Room in Sheung Wan. She is also the sole distributor of the Prana Yoga Wheel. To check out her teaching schedule visit


Rachel and Prana Wheel, clothing by a day with fé.


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