My Top 5 Ready to Pick Up Healthy Snacks

Between my own yoga practices and teaching, I am “on the mat” generally 4-5 hours a day, with an hour or two breaks in between. Because of that I try to eat multiple small meals. Smoothies, acai bowls for breakfast, a salad or half a sandwich/wrap for lunch. But to maintain my energy level  I snack in between, especially if I have to hit another power or hot class.

I thought I would share with you my favorite ready-to-pickup nutritious snacks to fuel up my body and energy during the day.

Snack Pack from Nood Food



This snack pack has Italian Crackers, Maca Bars and Raw Granola individually packed, giving me 3 snacks with about 150 calories each. Raw Granola has good fats and carbs for the morning, Maca bars gives me extra energy, and Italian crackers on the day when I want to keep my sugar intake low. And because they are individually packed it prevents me from eating too much.

Available at multiple Pure locations.

Raw Nori Snack from FoodCraft


I have to admit I am addicted to this crispy Nori snacks with pumpkin seeds. I first had these “nori sandwiches” in Taiwan and fell in love with them. However most of them are full of sugar and sometimes preservatives. This is the only clean nori sandwich in town.  pumpkin seeds, nori, tamari, coconut sugar, onion and salt. After activating the ingredients,the nori crackers are dehydrated for 12 hours at low temperature, makes them easier to digest and assimilate and also enhances the full flavor of the nutrient dense ingredients.Because there are no preservatives, the nori snacks will get soggy quickly after opened, so better share with your friends!

Available online at or at Genie Juicery and Just Green stores.

Coconut Truffle from Catch


I have tried many coconut truffles and I like this one the most. It’s made with coconut powder, cashew nuts, brazil nuts, agave, coconut oil and rolled pistachios. This heavenly raw and gluten free snack plus a cup of bulletproof coffee is my favorite mid afternoon dessert treat in between class. These truffles are smaller than most of the power balls in the market. But at $12 each you can get 1, or 2, depending on how hungry (or naughty) you are!

Catch Juicery, G/F, 76 Wellington Street, Central.

Raiz the Bar chocolate bars


I always have a bar of Raiz the Bar in my bag. My son loves it, and if I get to pick him up from school this will be his happy healthy treat. He likes Authentic Me and my favorite is Energise Me with Buckwheat and Spiraling and Balance me with Fleur de Sel and Nib. And I love the fact that they are available at most healthy stores and eateries around town I can always pick up a bar.

Available at multiple locations.

Handmade Popcorn from Sote


Occasionally I have a late class or on weekends when my kids and I cuddled up in my bed for movie nights.  I allow myself an indulgence of popcorn. While I love making my own popcorn this popcorn would save me time to even get out of bed.  My favorite is “The Lean” made with organic coconut oil, non GMO whole grain kernels, organic tomato powder, basil, spirulina, red sugar and sea salt. The Kick with Spicy Chilli and Lime and Zaza Garden Tomato with basil are also amazing. I have no guilt to take down the whole pack at my movie night! I used to pick them up at Genie Juicery (where they sell the Lean, but very happy now they have their own store on Robinson Road.

Available at Sote, Shop 3B, 21 Robinson Road.

Little things add up. Even little snacks. What’s your healthy snack choices? Feel free to share with me.

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