cora9From Hong Kong and educated internationally, I am a reformed ex-banker, wife and mother of two.  I believe even as a mother you can still be fun, fit and playful.

When I worked on the equity trading desk I hardly had anytime to exercise or eat properly. When I gave birth to by boy 6 years ago I decided to take a break from my job to look after my new born baby. It was supposed to be a 6 months break and it turned out to be a 6 year one. I never went back. 3 years later I was pregnant with my second child and I had a difficult pregnancy and was diagnosed with sclerosis. Around a year after the birth of my second child, on the fifth anniversary of my marriage, I stepped into my first yoga class and since then there was no turning back.

Throughout the years, not only yoga has helped the issues with my back, I have changed as a person and become a more patient (I am still very impatient I wonder what happens if I don’t have yoga!!) and well, just a happier and more positive person. My body changed through my practice, and it extended my interests into wellness and nutrition. For years I have tried all kinds of diets – vegetarianism, juicing, supplements, fasting, all kinds of programs, learning how my body reacts and adapts (or rejects!) different diets. A year ago I joined a wellness program called Kenzai Body and completely changed my perspective into what is healthy eating. Now I am a strong believer of eating all natural, real food. And since Kenzai I have also incorporated moderate cardio and resistance training into my fitness routines.

A few months ago I have completed my 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman, the founding teacher of Pure Yoga,  as well as certified in Anti-Gravity Fitness (shout out to founder Christopher Harrison and my great personal Master Tamar Begum).  I’m currently working on a Master level Nutrition Certification with AFPA.  And I’m sure there is much more to come…

Throughout the process, as our house became strewn with yoga blocks and resistance straps, the fridge filled with egg whites and broccoli soup, my loving family has been both supportive and amused.  I look different, feel different and hold myself differently.  While my husband occasionally jokingly complains about me living in yoga clothes, when I do dress up and we do go out…. well, let’s just say, he’s very attentive.  Now if I could only get his lazy ass on the program!

Going forward, I’m determined to share my journey and what I’ve learned so far with my friends and my soon-to-be-friends.  Come along, play with me….


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