The Final High Flying Flow with Luke and Cora

Luke has been a dear friend. He is an amazing being who started the “trend” of running community classes in Hong Kong. Not only it has brought the yoga community together, he has also inspired more people to try yoga with their friends in a casual environment at public spaces like Tamar Park.

He has also inspired many other yoga teachers to offer themselves to the community and spread the yoga love. He has also spreader the “random act of kindness” suggesting everyone to just randomly do “something nice” to strangers.

As he leaves for Hong Kong and starts his new adventure as a yoga teacher in Pure Yoga Shanghai, I was honoured to teach one of his final classes with him, and hosted him a little farewell party.

It was an amazing evening, with a lot of beautiful souls and smiles, laughs and tears, hugs and snuggles, including pretzeling our bodies over each others in Yoga Twisters, as we send our dear friend off.

Bowen Rooftop Flow is absolutely an inspiration from Luke, as I run this class once a month to bring the community together.

The next one will be on November 22, as I collaborate with 3 amazing yoga teachers Jessica Lee and Doris Au Yeung for a ACROVINYASA class, followed by a Power Vinyasa class co teach by Adam Welrick and myself.

Here are the links to sign up:

Bowen Rooftop ACROVINYASA with Jessica and Doris

Bowen Sunset Rooftop Flow with Adam and Cora

We hope to see you all, but meanwhile let’s enjoy the pictures from the last event.
With playfulness and love,


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PLaY With Cora

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Bowen Rooftop Flow with Cora and Heloise (Full Moon Edition)

Thank you so much for joining Heloise and myself for the evening. Everyone had such good vibe and energy. It was really lovely to bring everyone together, friends and family, old and young and celebrate this special day though yoga.

The after party was super fun. The kids certainly had a good time with lanterns and glow sticks but looks like the big kids were having a good time as well. The yogi twister was certainly the highlight of the evening you guys are so amazing (and bendy!!)

It was a truly memorable evening.

Thank you for my partner in crime Heloise. You are a beautiful soul. Thank you Real Food for catering the delicious healthy food and all the sponsors – Genie Juicery for their juices, Jax Coco for the coconut water, Munchbox HK for their healthy yummy snacks and Sibberi Birch Water.

And of course, big thank to my real life partner, Eric for being the amazing DJ, photographer, and “slightly evil” game host at the Yogi Twister game…

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Thanks again.

With playfulness and love,


The story behind Bowen Rooftop Flow

As some of you may know, I have been running a monthly community rooftop class on the rooftop of my home on the last Sunday of the month. It’s en event where I usually partner up with another yoga teacher to co-teach the yoga class. Then I have my husband plays the role of both the DJ and the photographer of the event. And I reached out to local healthy food providers/caterers/chefs to provide healthy snacks and nibbles of the event.

The original idea when I started this event, I am going to be honest – it was because I needed a venue to teach. As a new yoga teacher, I needed to build up my teaching experience, before.. Erm… anyone would hire me. So I thought… what’s better than running a yoga event at my home?

Then I thought… I had many new yoga teacher friends like myself that want to teach… and hey, as a new teacher it’s better to “share the burden” right? So as a tradition this has always been a class co-teach by two teachers.

To make the event more “attractive ” – something you worry when you are a new teacher.. better bring in some “goodies”. So I reached out to my friends who are in the healthy food business to sponsor some nibbles at the event. I have been grateful that I have got amazing friends who have been so willing to help with no cost.

And then I got many friends who helped me to be the teaching assistants of the class. Not only they help assisted the class, they brought their friends in, and helped me to promote the event.

It has been 6 months since the first event. I came from a place when I worried about no one would hire me to teaching a 350 people class at #OMFESTHK. I am now a full time yoga teacher teaching at various studios, offices and offering private lessons in Hong Kongt. I also teach on Yoogia, an online yoga channel which is available to over 50 countries worldwide.

I took a 2 months break in summer. However Bowen Rooftop Flow is where I begin, and I intended to continue to run this event once a month to bring the yoga (and non yoga) community together.

I am super excited to bring the party back on a special day on Mid Autumn Festival – a day in Chinese tradition is to bring the friends and family together. On this day I will partner up the amazing Heloise, who is a yoga teacher at Flex HK in Hong Kong, and also a teacher on Yoogaia as we lead through  a detoxing yet grounding practice at sunset.


This is a charity event and the proceeds with go to the following organization.

Migrant Offshore Aid Station

To read more about where the birth of Migrant Offshore Aid come about:

A Lifeline to save lives

All the 40 mats for the yoga class is all sold out.

However, the class will be followed by after party, with healthy nibbles provided by Real Food HK, a new addition to our local health and wellness community in Hong Kong, who will deliver your healthy meals to your home and offices. Real food will be feeding us nutritious and nourishing canapés, as we all hang out under the full moon.

Please bring your own water bottle and we will supply water (we try to produce less plastic waste, something nice to our Mother Earth).

On top of that, we have Jax Coco sponsoring us with their coconut water, Genie Juicery with their delicious cold-pressed juices, and Munchbox HK with their guilt free healthy snacks for some lucky ones in the lucky draw. And there will be Munchbox discount vouchers and a 14 day free trial on Yoogaia for the attendees of the event.

The after party is $150 per head.

Kids are welcome. We will have lanterns and glow toys. During the yoga class we will have someone taking care of them, and they can join us after the class.

Date: 27 September, 2015 (Sunday)

Time: 5:00pm till late

Venue: The Caronia House, 17 Bowen Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

Price: $200 for yoga + party (SOLD OUT)

$150 for after party (the more the merrier!)

To purchase tickets please click on the following link:

Facebook event link:

* Please bring your own yoga mat. If you do not have one please let us know so we can sort it out for you!

I am so thrilled and grateful for everyone who signed up, who sponsored, and all of you who spread the love in our HK Yoga community.

We look forward to get together with everyone on this special day.

With playfulness and love,

Cora  via PLaY with Cora

Sponsors link:

One Pass One Community

Last week I was invited to the launch party for GuavaPass – the new launch of a fitness pass that allows you to get access to a list of different fitness classes from yoga to kickboxing, spinning to dance, CrossFit to Pilates in all the major cities in Asia from Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, with Shanghai, Taipei, Sydney, Melbourne and Dubai coming in the near future.


I was helping out at one of the “challenge station”, where participants have to 1. strike a yoga pose; 2. do a 20 seconds plank pose 3. spar with a Muay Thai trainer to collect 3 stamps so they can enter the lucky draw to win some great prizes from gym goodies to healthy treats from Munchbox Hong Kong to Apple Watch to a 3D2N package at Five Elements in Bali. I was totally impressed people taking these challenges in their suits or mini skirts. Very cool crowd indeed.


The fitness industry is absolutely expanding. There are many new studios opening in town every month, and most of them are boutique studios offering specialised fitness programs.

  1. More people are preferring smaller studios and smaller classes so they can get more attention from the trainers and teachers.
  2. It allows cross training to happen. The days of just “hamster-ing” on the treadmill is gone. Now people wants to do cross train with different activities depending on their schedule and the intensity the want, and they can go from pumping Crossfit to restorative yoga as they wish.
  3. It makes you try something new, and  keep things fresh.The way it works is you can only attend the same classes a certain times a week, making you HAVE to try some other classes. It is just so much more fun than sticking to one gym membership.
  4. It supports small local businesses. As we all know we all suffer from high rent living in this city. The pass membership brings students to the small studios. As members can only visit one studio a certain amount of times a week, it’s likely that they will try out a few different studios in the program.
  5. IT’s great for business travellers who always travel to these major cities. A lot of people I know cannot afford a gym membership here in Hong Kong not because of money, but because they travel so much it does not make sense when they can only go to the gym few times a month. With GuavaPass you can visit different gyms/studios even when you are travelling. No more excuse for not being able to workout on business trips anymore.
  6. It’s a community. It allows you to meet new friends and as we all know, having fitness buddies is the best way to make our fitness routines fun and sustainable! And now you have the whole community!

This concept is certainly not new. ClassPass which started in US is now valued at over $200M, running in most of the major cities in US and Canada.

ClassPass: How one entrepreneur raised $14 million

As a yoga teacher I obviously do mostly yoga, but I try to do some resistance training and cardio by myself and I go to Muay Thai with my husband once a week.  However I am struggling with “getting out” to try new things with my busy schedule. But with the amazing selections on GuavaPass I am definitely giving it a go to shake thing up!


Thank you for inviting me to this fun and meaningful event, and I am grateful Hong Kong is having something like GuavaPass to bring more people to get fit at a reasonable cost and to help local business in the fitness industry to blossom and glow.


Yoga For All

Sorry I have been quiet.

I taught the biggest class of my life time last Sunday at an outdoor yoga event called #OMFESTHK, an all-day outdoor celebration of yoga, meditation and wellbeing.The idea of OMFEST is to bring together yogis and friends for a one-day festival in the heart of Central to set yoga free.

I was so blessed to have the privilege to teach at this meaningful event. It was the hottest day in Hong Kong in the year, yet hundreds, if not a thousand people turned up and practiced together. On the stage looking down  it was like seeing all the glittering bodies shining their heart and opening our minds and bodies free. It was the most beautiful class ever.

When I started yoga one of the reason is because yoga is something you can do anywhere, and you don’t need much equipment. All you need is you mat. Everyone should be able to afford it. However with expensive rent in Hong Kong sometimes going to yoga class or going to a gym becomes a “luxury”.The idea behind OMFEST is to bring yoga for all.

At the same time people are generally more relaxed when they practice outside of yoga studios. While I think serious practice is important, there are times I do find practicing in a yoga class can be a very egoistic practice. However at a yoga festival like this, people just feel more relaxed and more free… which is the idea for yoga right?

I am so happy to see there are more community classes running in Hong Kong. As weather cools down I am sure there will be more. It is really nice to see many enthusiastic teachers bringing yoga to the Hong Kong community. There are many classes running at the park, at the beach, at the pier… everywhere. If you are looking for reasonable priced drop in yoga classes there are now more and more options available.

I am happy and proud to be part of the yoga community in Hong Kong, and will continue to play my part in contributing and participating in the community, spreading yoga love to all.

Yoga for everybody! Yoga for all!


I am so psyched about Sunday to teach the biggest yoga class of my entire life.

Having 2000 signups and the number still growing, OMFESTHK is an all-day outdoor celebration of yoga, meditation and wellbeing. I am super excited to be sharing the stage with an inspiring group of yoga and meditation instructors, community leaders, and wholesome brands for a one-day festival in the heart of Central to set yoga free.

Last year OMFESTHK united with hundreds of Hong Kong people during a two-hour session:

This year we aim to GO BIG & GO OM with four hours of back-to-back classes.

I will be co-teaching a fun flow class to open our body, mind and heart with the beautiful, amazing yoga teacher and friend Steffi at 16:30-17:20.  If you happen to be in Hong Kong, come “Rise and Shine” with us.

Check out the event line up at

Make sure you check out the @whoopieclub flow jam tent where there will be freestyling acro yogis, hula hoopers, po, stage, ecstatic dance and beyond. And of course, there will be a after party!

See you all.

With playfulness and love,


Eating Out Healthy

Sorry I have been missing a few days of blogs. While I was in countryside Japan the Wi-fi was quite slow and it was really hard to get all the media files up properly. Just got back to Hong Kong and have a lot of stuff to share so I will catch up on my writing! (So inspired yeah!)

I am still on the Kenzai Reboot program. I don’t exactly know whether I have lost a little weight during the holidays but a few people who saw me today told me I looked a little leaner.

In the program, we have to exercise every day and we have to follow a specific diet with allocated portion (e.g. 100g carbs, 120g protein, 200g vegetables etc.) with a few dietary rules including no salt and no sugar. While it’s still possible if you cook all the meals yourself it is challenging when you eat out.

Our Week 2 homework in the program is to eat out but try to follow the rules as much as possible.

Being able to eat out healthy is very important. The challenge was to practice having a meal out, without throwing your diet out.

So here is my Kenzai blog on my “Eating Out Challenge”.


While I mostly love to cook in the evenings when I am in Niseko, I do enjoy going out for lunch here. The weather is beautiful. Air is fresh. It’s just nice to sit outside and have an iced coffee and sunbathe myself with good food.

A lot of restaurants here run buffets with all the local produce (all you can eat vegetables!!!) then followed by a main course – usually a meat/fish/pasta. So sad I don’t have AMAYW (as much as you want in Kenzai language) vegetables quota this week if not I definitely would go for that.

We chose this cafe that we love. They have the best sandwiches in town. The signature is a scrambled egg, cheese and bacon sandwich on baguette but of course that option is not available for me.

I ordered an Avocado, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich on rye bread. I asked them to skip the butter and cheese but keep the pickles.

It came with a few cucumber sticks, carrot pickles and a little bit of mashed potatoes. I left the potatoes out as it was so creamy I am sure there was quite a bit of butter and mayonnaise in it.

The we split a green salad. And it was the greenest salad I have seen as it’s a salad with only lettuce, avocadoes, cucumber and onions with a very light vinegrette.

This meal has no protein (as all the other choices have mayo in it and they can’t take it out. I could have ordered eggs but I already used my eggs quota in the morning. Went home after and filled up the protein grams.

With fresh produce, you really don’t need much seasoning and condiments.

Absolutely enjoyable. And most important of all I had a lovely date with my hubby.


To follow my Kenzai journey, you can view at 

My Kenzai Reboot Journey

My favourite Lemon… Lululemon!

Lululemon – the “Holy Grail” of yoga wear, is opening their first retail store in IFC, Hong Kong today. (Just to clarify the ones in Soho, Causeway Bay etc. were called showrooms and the store hours may not satisfy most of the “work” people) the new store  will be a real store right in the heart of Central across the big “FRUIT” computer store (you know which one… )

Fun Facts.

What does Lululemon means?

The found of Lululemon, Chip Wilson, took the name ‘Lululemon’ because he thinks Japanese people can’t say the letter ‘L.’

In 2009, he wrote, It was thought that a Japanese marketing firm would not try to create a North American sounding brand with the letter “L” because the sound does not exist in Japanese phonetics. By including an “L” in the name it was thought the Japanese consumer would find the name innately North American and authentic.

In essence, the name “lululemon” has no roots and means nothing other than it has 3 “L’s” in it. Nothing more and nothing less.

What made Lululemon famous?

Lululemon signature yoga pants – Wunder Unders, are made of a trademark fabric called Luon. In fact Luon is a primary fabric found in most of Lululemon’s performance wear, from pants to tops to headbands.

Luon, which is trademarked by the brand, is 86 percent nylon and 14 percent Lycra. It’s an important part of Lululemon’s secret sauce.

So, what’s so special about it? Why are customers willing to fork out $98 for a pair of luon yoga pants? To start, the fabric is preshrunk, stretchy, and wicks away moisture from your body when you sweat. The Lycra ensures that the fabric will never “stretch or bag out,” while the nylon provides coverage. They are so durable they remain the same shape even after years and absolutely will not see through in any yoga pose you do.

So back to my post.

I am a huge Lululemon fan. Even the athletic/yoga wear industry has boomed over the last 2 years Lululemon is still, as they claimed – The “Hold Grail” of Yoga wear. I cannot tell you how much Lulu gear I own. I probably have every other color of the Wunder Under Pants, tons of Power Y tank, and my favourite Free to be bras in any color you can imagine.

Wunder Under Pants

The Lululemon leggings are tight and make your legs look slim, and they are super stretchy but not see through. You can go into any pose and shape without worrying showing what is underneath. And more importantly, they are not slippery. They are my NO. 1 go to pants when I go to a  challenging yoga practice.



Best low impact bras

I love the Lululemon bras. They are soft, really pretty designs and they hold you probably without giving too much restrictions to move. My favorite is the free to be bra, although recently I am very hooked to the Free to be wild bra.

free to be bra

Free to be Bra


Free to be wild Bra

I am so excited that the first retail store in Hong Kong is opening today! And tonight as a celebration there will be a community yoga class at Central Pier 10 lead by Lululemon Ambassador, Victor Chau. I will be one of the Teaching Assistant. We are expecting hundreds of people gathering together for a beautiful sunset practice overlooking the harbour. Details please see the following link:

flow > Friday at Central Pier 10 at 6:30pm tonight

Come and celebrate. Bring your family and friends. And don’t forget to visit the store!

*** Information about history of Lululemon from Business Insider.

Restorative Sundays @ Crafted852 on 28 June (Sunday)

It’s finally happening.

When I setup my blog I thought about what I wanted to blog about. I wanted to share my passion on yoga, and I wanted to share my lifestyle with healthy eating and recipes. When I got some advice from my friends a lot of them told me I should just focus on one so that I will give a “clear image” of what and who I am. I struggled for a little while, and finally I decided I don’t care about the “image”. I just want to share whatever matters to me.

For the longest time I have been wanting to do a workshop combining yoga and healthy eating. Sure, there are so many retreats that do exactly that, in which I would also like to do sometime soon in the future.

20150419 - Caronia Yoga Poses - 098However, instead of being “fed” a nice healthy meal after your yoga class, what I am more interested in doing is to organise a cooking workshop so people can not just eat healthy food, but also to learn how to make them. That is what leads to a sustainable healthy lifestyle – is when you can cook and make your own healthy meals for yourself and your family and friends.

I share a lot of recipes on my blog, but I am just an amateur chef. Although some day I think I would love to run a yoga + cooking workshop myself I thought I would pair up with some professionals in the field to handle the cooking workshop.

I am so excited to present that I will be partnering up with Tanja, a certified Nutritionist from Nutrition Nation Hong Kong for a Restorative Sunday event at one of my favourite cooking studio Umami Concepts on Bonham Street along the escalator.

I will lead a rejuvenating restorative yoga practice followed by a cooking workshop with Tanja, who will teach you how to make two healthy, nutritious energy snacks. During the demonstration, Tanja will also have an interactive health quiz! Whole milk or skimmed? Come and find out the answer!


The beautiful space at Umami Concepts

Come join us.

Restorative Sunday

Date: June 28, 2015 (Sunday)
Time: 11:30 – 13:30
Venue: Umami Concepts, 2F, 35 Bonham Road, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

To check out more details about the event, please click on the following link:

To check out more about Crafted852, Umami Concepts and Nutrition Nation:

Restore, refuel, recharge.

For more information, you can email me at

as I share a lot more articles and inspirations about my life, wellness and my yoga journey on Facebook. =)