A broken heart

Few weeks ago I had a small accident when I tripped over a wooden box and cut myself over the sharp corner of the box, creating a 10cm cut on my mid chest just below the collarbone. While most part of the cut was just a superficial cut (like a graze), the 2cm that pierced into the corner of the box was rather deep. I don’t want to get into the nasty details, but it was not good.


A cut across the chest

The accident happened during a weekend holiday and I was treated in the hospital. Unfortunately the wound was not treated properly. They refused to stitch me up even though later I realized it was probably needed, and the wound was infected. It was too late to stitch up after I returned home from holidays. And two weeks later I was told by the doctor that the infected part was “blocking” the wound so it was unable to heal and she ended up reopening the wound and cleaned it up again. Then she put some surgical tape over and now it’s finally healing. But the whole process is a one month of “bandaging” up and probably six months to a year of scar removal tape.

Having a big cut on the chest is not pretty, considering that area is always exposed (even in winter I wear yoga tops and I can’t really hide it), it also means backbends are prohibited, as I cannot “stretch” the wound. I joke about not being able to do any “heart opening” because it’s already opened. The doctor actually advised me to take full rest, which unfortunately I do not have the luxury and the ability to do so. But I have to back off from any deep backbends and be very gentle with my practice.

It has been 3 weeks already, and probably another week or two to perform any form of deep backbends. I also cannot “sweat”, so any strong practice should be avoided. I love strong asana practice, so this three weeks has been extremely difficult for me. However, learning to listen to the body and learning to back off is part of the yoga practice isn’t it?

We all get injured sometimes, even sometimes in yoga practice. I don’t think we need to “back off” completely, but there are a few things that we can do to keep ourselves “sane” and “balanced” during these slightly difficult times.

1.Practice Restorative and Yin Yoga

After a week of not being able to do any backbends I start to have shoulder and back pain by “intentionally” rounding my back for a week as any small “stretching” action hurts my chest. To ease the shoulder stiffness and back pain I have been practicing restorative yoga every day (compare to once a week). Lying down with bolster along my back, legs against the wall, and gentle spinal twists. I don’t think we should stop yoga completely when we have injuries, as other parts of the bodies will get stiff if you completely stop practicing. Just listen to your body and modify the practice accordingly.


A lot of restorative and yin practices


2. Self Practice

I never appreciate self practice more than ever than these times when I am healing with injuries. While I can still go to yoga class and “modify” my practice, it’s really hard to “not do it” or “do it fully”, at least for personal experience. After trying to “back off” in a Vinyasa classes, I decided I should take charge on my own practice instead. I still maintain strong practice that includes a lot of forward folds and long inversions, including salamba sirsasana and salamba sarvangasana.


Shoulderstands have been so beneficial during this time of no backbends.


3. Yoga is more than asana practice

Maybe it’s ok to actually back off from strong asana practice for a few weeks. Treat it as an opportunity to give your body more rest. Without the strong asana practice, I am spending at home. It means more time in meditation, pranayama and reading and studying my yoga materials.


Yoga is more than asana practice. 

4. Rest

If you are a dedicated yoga practitioner you probably practice 360 days in a year. I know how it feels to not practice for a day, but maybe it’s ok to rest. I think in general we all push ourselves too hard. We don’t always have to “go, go, go”. In these few weeks without the yoga classes I have a lot more spare time and space to slow down and do other things. I went off for a week vacation in the tropical islands, and I indulge myself in long massages, warm baths and I spend a lot of time cooking healthy food for the family, and of course, having time to get back on my blog.


A beautiful yoga practice space in Atmosphere Resort in Dumaguete, Philippines for my week long holidays.

In our asana practice we face physical challenges. Being stiff, being achy, being sore. But we know all these experience make us stronger as we flow through our practice. Same in our real life we have obstacles. Like flowing through a challenging yoga class challenges can only make us stronger. Being able to recognize and “breathe through” challenging times is a real practice of yoga off the mat.

And being about to accept and deal with the chaos in life has brought new opportunities and insights. I no longer focus on the trouble and allow that to pass. I treat this as an opportunity to rest, to find space for my own yoga practice, physically and mentally.

My backbends may take a while to come back, but my forward folds practice is reaching a new level (just kidding). I have to keep a “tape” across my chest for many months going forward but at least winter is coming. And it also means I can shop for more halter tops! And if I really have to show it, hey I may just look more”bad-assed”.

My heart might be “broken” and it may leave a scar. But I am learning to accept it with my truly “open heart”.


3 weeks of lots of forward folds – Samakonasana variation.



A Pain in the Neck

I used to have neck, shoulder and lower back pain. But hey, who doesn’t in the modern world. Sitting at the office, typing away on your phone all the time. These issues are so common to everyone we almost assume they are unavoidable. I thought so too, but then it got worse throughout the years and became unbearable when I was carrying my second child. There were a few times half of my body would paralyze and I would collapse onto the floor. Since I was pregnant I couldn’t really do much about it, so I went through weekly acupuncture to ease the pain throughout the last few months of my pregnancy. Really not fun having needles into your spine when you are carrying a big bump leaning on one side.

Turns out it was more than just sitting and phones, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. Read More

One Year Later – A Confession

A year ago I started my yoga teacher career. At the same time I started my blog – www.playwithcora.com.

What I didn’t mention is that I have written many articles before I even started my blog. I love to write, and I used to sit down and write down what inspired me – thoughts, recipes, family. I thought it was a great idea to push out my blog and my yoga teaching at the same time, to achieve most exposure on social media, which is apparently “crucial to success” in any businesses in modern age.

I was very blessed. I get to pick up a lot of yoga teaching jobs, and very quickly built up my regular classes and students around town.  Very soon I was teaching 15 to 20 hours a week, sometimes more than that.

With my “backed up” articles I also get to keep my blog and my “social profile” going, and I do get some good attraction and it certainly helped me to build my name. I also get the chance to participate in a a lot of public yoga and wellness events from OMFest to IRIS, and from time to time get to show up on interviews and TV. Everything was going well, in fact, much better than I expected.

Very soon I realized I was piled up with class after class, sometimes teaching 5 classes a day. Then I had to line up my Facebook feeds, my blog articles on top of all my family duties as a wife and a mother. I didn’t have time to create my music play list for my classes. I didn’t have time to plan fun and creative sequences, and I had no time to write. There were times when I came home in the evening, totally exhausted, put my kids to bed and tried to stay up and write and schedule my Facebook feed and what I got was “staring at the computer” with my brain go completely blank and just could not write a word. I tried to keep myself updated with my yoga selfies on Instagram (or yoga challenges??) and I was so tired to even want to see myself in photos.

My blog was called PLAY WITH CORA. P.L.a.Y. stands for play, love and yoga. My goal was to share my life as a balanced mother and wife with a fun, fit and playful life through the practice of yoga. A blog is meant for me to share my truthful experience of being a healthy inspired wellbeing. But I didn’t feel balanced, or healthy, or inspired. I was stressed. Even I was not eating too unhealthy I gained 15 pounds over the course of six months. I started having skin allergies. I didn’t feel like I was fulfilling my responsibility as a mother or a wife, as I didn’t have enough time to spend with my family, and I was mostly too tired for them. My yoga teaching became less inspired and more monotonous. I was not happy about it.

I decided to take a sabbatical on my blog. I have to be truthful to my readers. If I don’t feel balanced or fit or healthy how could I write to inspire the others?

Last November I took 10 days off for a yoga retreat in South Africa, my first holiday by myself since I got married.

I decided to focus solely on teaching yoga and deepening my practice for a little while. I dropped my blog and stopped posting on Facebook and Instagram all the time. I write a few lines or share a photo if I am inspired. If I am not, I didn’t bother pushing myself to “post” something. I stopped caring the number of “likes” I get one my Facebook or how many followers I have on Instagram. I probably lost quite a bit of social attraction, and might be “hurting” my career. Well, I better take a bullet on the career front to save my physical and mental health, and my family.


Finding time to dress up, not in yoga clothes.

Few weeks ago I did my yearly spring cleanse – a juice detox that I do every spring. It’s also the time I clean up my home, my mailbox, and various things that have piled up on my desk, in my closet, and well, in my life. When I was organizing my files on my computer I get to read some of my old blog articles. They are really not bad! “Maybe I should write again.” I thought.

I have taken the time to think that through in the last few weeks. I feel like I am fit and capable to call myself healthy, well balanced, playful and fun again.

So on the Labor Day long weekend, I took 2 days off yoga practice, and sit down and write my first article since November.

I probably won’t give myself a schedule forcing myself to submit a post daily, but I will make my best effort to make every article a good read.

I probably won’t schedule Facebook posts, but I will share good content.

Although I haven’t dropped all the 15 pounds that I have gained, I feel pretty good about myself again. Time to take some selfies!

Yoga builds strength, flexibility and balance. As a yoga teacher, I preach that principle. But the biggest challenge is not putting these abilities on your yoga mat, but to be strong, flexible and find balance off the mat in our daily life. And when we can achieve that we find peace.



Finding balance in life.


You can find me here on http://www.playwithcora.com. If you are interested in my yoga classes or reading more about my inspirations find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/playwithcora or on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/playwithcora.


Happy Ever After… 7 Years

I was checking out my biography of my blog page. And it says – “I am a reformed ex-banker, wife and mother of two. I believe even as a mother you can still be fun, fit and playful.”

I realised I didn’t mention my husband.

In my blogs, I write about yoga, and my life being a mother. I do share about how to keep a healthy and active lifestyle as a “MOTHER”, but I rarely talk about down to bottom you want to remain a “HOT WIFE”.

So some may wonder if I am having a happy marriage. In fact I do. And a happy one too. However my husband is an extremely private person and demands extreme privacy about him. He does not have Facebook (but he create an account for our 6 year old son so he can still see what’s happening on Facebook – cheeky!). He does not have What’s app. and he asks me not to put any of his pictures on any of my social media. How ironic is that as the wife is posting her “yoga selfies” all over the web when the husband is absolutely the opposite.

However, I respect that. And that’s why our marriage works.

I can’t talk TOO MUCH about our love story, as it will “violate” the agreement between my husband and I. But let’s just say we were both “troubles” in our younger age pre marriage. Both of us never thought we would get married. In fact in all the years we were dating he stated clearly that “I WILL NOT GET MARRIED.” So the fact that we are not only married but also happily married is kinda a miracle.

It was our 7 year wedding anniversary last Sunday. And before that we dated for 7 years. And all together we have been together for almost 15 years. Honestly I am still amazed that we have been married for 7 years, especially with a guy who said “I WILL NEVER GET MARRIED” and he is definitely not a hands-on father (which means he still have no idea how to change a diaper after two kids).

How did we get through that? and honestly our marriage is great. Didn’t people said there is a 7 year itch? I am not going to write a blog on “How to have a successful marriage” or “How did I tame the bad boy to become my husband” (maybe one day… Haha…) However, if I have to scrap down to one word that makes our marriage works is  – Communication.

Both my husband and I have the same “cute” personality – we are very honest and straight forward people. He always said that I do not process my thoughts and they already come out of my mouth. And he is always a little bit too brutally honesty so much he makes people around him uncomfortable.

We were just having a late night conversation the other day and we are surprised that many married couples actually do not talk to each other anymore. OK. They talk. But it’s all about the household stuff. Kids’ school, dinner, bills. Even talking about a date or vacation it’s like “scheduling a meeting”. There is almost no exchange on communications about the relationship anymore, not even talking about romance yet.

One thing about our relationship is we just talk about everything. We really do not hide much from each other. We are sometimes too “brutally honest” with each other (which sometimes turns into arguments but at least we talk. Yes, we do argue sometimes. A lot of married couples actually do not fight anymore. All they have left is talking about routines and logistics. However for us after all the years of “arguing” we both know what trigger each other and throughout the years our arguments become more “productive” than “destructive”. So… if you guys are still “fighting” there is still love and hope there. However, arguments should stay as positive as possible. No physical fights, and no insulting. Be kind, A cruel word, once said, cannot be unsaid.

It’s important to “talk it out” about the relationship at all times. After all dating and a marriage is very different and we are both learning. And having a family and kids is not easy. After 7 years of marriage I am still adjusting my role as a mom and a wife, and I am still feeling challenged at times. If you don’t share your feelings and even hardships as being a mom/wife/dad/husband then your love partner will eventually becomes your “room mate” or your “business partner” (the household is the business).

Maintaining a marriage is a lot of work. Work with each other. However, do not seek to change each other, but to listen accept and support each other.

Oh… another important thing. Tell him/her you love her/him. A lot, Anywhere, anytime, Closed doors, in front of your kids, in public.. even in social media (which my husband hates).

To my husband – “I love you. ” 😝

The cuddle puddle

I was teaching a late class last night, and didn’t get to put the kids to bed. I stayed up late to catch up with my work (well it’s Monday) and finally went to bed at 1am. 5 minutes later my daughter came to our room. No crying. Looking content. I took her back to her room and stayed next to her and trying to put her back to sleep but she was wild awake, asking for bed time story. We chatted about school. It seems like she “remembered” that i was not around for her today, and “needed” that chat. In fact my daughter used to stayed up and waited for mommy to come home whenever I was out in the evenings.

Half an hour later my son came into her sister’s room. Had the same “Why did I wake up in the middle of the night” and “I didn’t get to talk to you today at all” look. Then he crawled into his sister’s bed. We then all chatted for another 5 minutes and their voices slowly died down and went back to sleep.

First days of schools there are some hidden anxiety that perhaps even the kids themselves are not aware. Or maybe because I wasn’t home for them and they were “unconsciously” waiting for that good night kids and snuggle from Mom. I can see this pattern every time when there is a change in their daily routine or environment… May it be first days of school or first two days on holidays in the holiday home, or simply on the nights that I did not put them to bed.

I was sandwiched by these two for the rest of the night. Which means I didn’t sleep well. But they slept restfully and soundly for the rest of the night in the cuddle puddle.

5am in the morning I woke up with a stiff neck, and I am really sleepy. But I look at these two I knew they needed to sleep next to me last night. And I tell myself today I need to spend some quality time with them after school.

Time for a double expresso. Before I wake them up for school.

A bitter sweet day for me

Summer holiday is officially over as my children started school today.

My 6 year old son is not a kindergartener anymore. He is now in Grade 1. Big boy.

And finally my 3 year old is also at school, putting on her new school uniform and joined her brother at the same school.

I never put my daughter in a nursery  I know most Hong Kong parents do… well… a lot of them start sending their babies to playgroup at 6 months old. However since I was a full time mother and with her brother at full day school I wanted to keep her with me longer so I could give her full attention. Another reason to that is because my elder one needs a lot more attention than his sister.

IMG_4049Six years ago I gave up my investment banking job to become a full time mother. For 6 years my life and schedule works around theirs. And they are my everything (and there is my husband, of course). But finally both of them are off. I can’t keep them next to me anymore. It was a really bitter sweet moment as I sent them off to school today.

Since last year I have been preparing myself for this moment. The moment that the house will be so quiet as I send both of them on the school bus. I was really freaking out. 6 years of disconnection to the outside world. What can I do next? It would be difficult to get back to the financial industry (and I wasn’t sure if I want to do that either…) But what can I do?

I am glad during the last few years I found my new passion – yoga. Yoga didn’t only improve my health and flexibility, it has also made me a better mother and wife. And it transformed my life so much that it had become my “next project”. For those who have read my blogs you knew that I am now a yoga teacher. However, until today I still looked at myself as a full time mother and a part time yoga teacher, slowing transitioning into my next stage. But today it really stroke me that “This is it!”. My full time mom life is over. I am the one who is having separation anxiety.

IMG_4050When I took her to school this morning, she didn’t even want me to hold her hand. She said she could walk up the stairs herself. She said she is now a big girl. When we got into the classroom she just joined her friends and played. No separation anxiety, not even a bye. I was sitting in the corner watching her played, socialised and felt almost overly comfortable and and I knew she is more ready than I am for this. The only time she looked “perplexed” was when we told her it was time to go home. And she said, “But I want to come back again!”.

As my little one starts her new chapter with such enthusiasm, curiosity and courage, it inspires me to take the same attitude on my new adventure as a yoga teacher. Thank you Zoe Anne. Today you showed me you are much braver than Mommy she facing your new adventure. I am super proud of you.

I am still feeling a little emotional, and a little lonely. But I am just going to hold my tears in and take a deep breath.  I have a class to teach.

Rule it Out

I am mostly a good girl.. 😊 Exercise is not really an issue for me. I stay active even when I am not on Kenzai (being a yoga teacher helps).

I eat pretty well most of the time too. I don’t crave for sweets too much (only occasionally). And I do not eat any junk or processed food at all. I don’t eat anything deep fried, or anything too fatty (except cheese). I do indulge in a few glasses of wine from time to time but that’s basically it.

My issue, however is portion control. Especially if I am HUNGRY. I actually gained weight and got out of shape after I become a yoga teacher, which sounds crazy, but absolutely not joking.

As my teaching schedule becomes busy sometimes I don’t have time to eat. And even if I do As I have to teach and practice throughtout the day I can’t eat much. A big lunch won’t do me any good in downward facing dog or cobra in class. So I tend to eat too little during the day.

Then when I come home in the evening I would be so hungry and tired and I need my comfort food. It usually mean a ridiculously large portion of pasta or noodles or whatever it is.. Usually too much carbs.. And then I collapsed.

So for me, my first big rule for myself to maintain healthy eating is:


Eat small meals throughout the day… And snack in between class. If I have to teach in the evening eat a small dinner before class, even it means I may puke in my class (just kidding).

That’s my note to self.

What is yours? Write it down and stick it on the fridge, on your tablet or anywhere as a reminder for yourself.

What do I pack on vacation?

I cannot remembered when was the last time i spent half a day at home. I was supposed to fly to Hokkaido, Japan for 2 weeks this my kids for summer vacation but I decided to give myself a day off and move my trip to tomorrow (Or be brutally blunt I just have not packed or prepared everything yet!!!)

It has been a really nice day (despite mild hangover from last night) but I realised I have not enjoyed a restful afternoon for a long time. I was really working – catching up on emails, planning my August teaching events and schedules, and of course, writing my blogs. So for the first time I am posting two blogs today!

I have been packing this afternoon, and I thought I would share what I pack (or how I pack light) especially when you are travelling with two young children.

10 things I pack on my vacation

1. Maxi dresses 

I love wearing maxi dresses on holidays. They are casual, but elegant, can wear them at the beach, on a date, even at the bars. One important thing when you bring your maxi dress is to choose the material that would not wrinkle. You can just roll it up and pack it tightly in your suitcase. My favourite maxi dress brand is Sky. They are so soft, so elegant, and never wrinkles.


2. Sports to chic bras

OK. Yes I am a yoga teacher and I wear sports bra all the time… but I also found sports bra a great item to just match with tank tops and t shirts… and when I am with my children sports bras are just more convenient and supportive (no need to worry about bra straps falling off etc.). My favourite is absolutely lululemon Free to be bra. It has light support and comes in all kind of colors. The cross straps at the back are pretty and looks great with anything.

freee to be bra


3. Manduka Eko SuperLite travel mat

When I travel this is the mat I bring. It’s super light and it’s foldable and you can just fold and pack inside your suit case. Same as any Manduka mat it’s very grippy!



4. O2 Cool Mist N’ Sip 

Oh my god this is the biggest hit this summer it’s sold out everywhere. I think I got the last one in town. They are a water bottle and a mist spray at the same time. Unfortunately my son has declared that the bottle is his now.



5. Travalo fragrance bottle

When you are out there on vacation it’s hot and sweaty let’s face it sometimes we may smell.. um.. you know. I am not a perfume fan but I like to carry around my own little fragrant mist. The Travalo bottle allows you to pump and fill any fragrance you want in seconds.. you can make sure you smells nice and fresh at all times!



6. Liquido leggings

When you are under the blue sky and on the beach (or for my case will be surrounded by green fields) of course I am going to take some yoga pictures in the nature! And best thing to wear? PRINTS! Nothing beats Liquido leggings they come in happy colourful prints that would guarantee to produce stunning photos!

20150328 - Cora Tamar Yoga - 612

Oh yea.. that’s me!

My old post on Liquido Active:  Miss Funky Tights


7. Morrocanoil

I have super long hair that reaches my waist. I cannot travel without this. Period. Especially you are out in the sun a lot don’t forget to take care of your hair!



8. Palmer Cocoa Butter Oil

I know.. this is a weird one. It’s supposed to be for pregnant ladies. In fact I started using it when I was pregnant and still using it 6 years later. When it comes to body hydration I found body oil much more effective than body cream,. It’s less sticky, and also since we may sweat body cream tends to melt but oil just absorbs into the skin. They also have one that is for non pregnant but I have not tried.


9. Portable Electric Fan

Again, a big hit this summer. These “Made in China” fans are yes, a bit crappy but at HK$70 I will take it. They are sold everywhere in Hong Kong from electronic stores and local markets. They are battery operated and also can charge using a USB cable.


10. Power Bank

You are going to be on What’s App. You are going to be using your phone to take pictures and videos. Do not forget to bring your power bank so you won’t lose contact with your friends/family or miss out any picture/video moment!

powerr bank

It’s 5am in the morning. About to wake up the kids and get going.

Japan here we come!

Project Independence – July 4, 2014

A few days ago I mentioned I joined a fitness program called Kenzai that transformed my life a year ago. I promised I would talk a bit more about it… Today, I am sharing a blog I wrote in the Kenzai blog (yes we have a blog for the Kenzai community exactly a year ago on Independence Day July 4, 2014. The title of the blog was “Project Independence”.

Here goes my “teaser” on my Kenzai story.  Later on I will share a bit more info on what exactly is in the Kenzai program, and an update on my “Project Independence” a year later!


Project Independence
July 4, 2014 

Three months ago during our ski vacation in Niseko my husband and I decided to sign up for the Kenzai program. He would like to lose some weight, and I thought it makes sense just to do it together. Sure, I also wanted to challenge myself and thought I would try something new other than my yoga practice, but mainly, I was just trying to be there to support him.

First month into the program we mostly did our program together, then things kind of went sideways. He was traveling a lot. He had a lot of business obligations. While I was still preparing all the meals for him, it became difficult for us to workout together. Eventually, I was doing most of the program on my own. It was difficult for me at first, especially most people think this program was not for me. I also had doubts on whether I should carry on… I had my low moments… Thanks to the support of my trainer and all the other trainees in the program, I could continue the journey.

After I accepted the fact that I probably had to carry on the rest of the program by myself, I wake up everyday at 5am and do my skipping. I go to the gym (or occasionally just at home) to do the resistance workout on top of my yoga practice. I have not missed a day of workout. I cooked every meal for myself and my husband, and I followed the diet almost religiously. However, at this time, my intention has changed. I am doing the program for myself.

The 90-day with Kenzai was a big challenge for my body. However I truly enjoyed every bits of it. My body loves the clean food, and it also loves the workouts. I saw my myself transformed. My cardio strength has never been better that now I can run for 6km without panting. My arms and core are much stronger I am able to do a lot of arm balance and inversion postures that I was struggling 3 months ago. For someone who was never into exercise until 2 years ago I am now at the fittest state of my life in terms of strength, flexibility and balance.

But there is more to that. For me Kenzai is an even bigger challenge for the mind. It’s a challenge of one’s discipline, endurance, commitment, and focus. From the program I found myself becoming more organized, decisive and determined in other parts of my life. Kenzai also teaches us to share, and to care. The community factor of the program is so powerful. There is no way I could get through this without the support of everyone in the program. I love to read everyone’s blogs. There is so much inspirations and intelligence to learn from everyone’s stories. And I love to share my stories with the others. I love to blog (and I realize I can still write!) and I love it when people read my blogs. Sharing my recipes was the most fulfilling part for me in the Kenzai program.

People may still wonder what I am doing here. Here is the truth. A truth that I did not even realize until now. I have been going through a mid life crisis. Five and a half years ago I gave up my investment banking job and become a full time mother. Although I would still make the same choice again as I really want to be there for my children in their early childhood, I knew I cannot stay this way forever. I am a active and outgoing person, and I love meeting people. I am no stay home mom. I am a strong, independent person and I like to take challenges. I need my career to make me feel accomplished and confident. I think the fact that I have been a “health nut” in the last two years was a way to prove myself, but slowly it has become a big passion of mine. As the kids get older and both of them are going to school I have been thinking of what to do next. I do not really want to go back to my old job, something I was never too interested in. For a while now I have been thinking about doing something related to healthy cooking, wellness and fitness. But being busy with the children I have never really been motivated to take it seriously. Day by day passed It was getting harder and harder to get out of my comfort zone and seek for my dream.

In the last 90 days with Kenzai, not only I have learnt more about healthy diets and exercises, I have regained my motivation, my confidence and I could feel the “fire” in my heart again. I felt like I was having a “job” again. I was on a mission to share my recipes, my food prep, my insights about healthy lifestyles to everyone in the program. With the experience with the Kenzai blogs I come to realize it is almost “natural” for me to be in this space… To share, to care and to spread the gospel of healthy living. As I said, “I believed I could, so I did”. As I have proven to myself I could complete the 90 day challenge with Kenzai, I finally feel ready and empowered to take my passion to the next level.

So today, I am putting together a plan for my next adventure, in which I will call it “Project Independence”.

– I am signing up for a yoga teacher training course. By January 2015 I will be a certified yoga teacher.
– I am taking a Food and Nutrition program working towards getting a degree in this field.
– I am setting up a blog in which I will share on my views on how to have a healthy, balanced and fun lifestyle as a mother, a wife and a partner. I will continue to share my recipes, and will share everything else from yoga, exercise, beauty, fashion… Basically everything about being fit, fun and fabulous! (of course I will still blog on Kenzai Life).
– I am looking into getting more serious into cooking and continue to hold private parties . I may eventually venture out to be a private chef. I would love to hold an event for Kenzai Sapphire graduates.

Today, I see a bright and clear path going forward. I found myself again. Thank you Kenzai.

Start date of “Project Independence”: July 4, 2014. Independence Day.


To be continued…. 


“Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else.” said President Obama as he announced the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage nationwide in the United States.

Since then the social media has been swept by the Rainbow flag and #LoveWins.

Quotation-Charlize-Theron-marriage-acceptance-equality-Meetville-Quotes-228167Same sex marriage is still unacceptable in many countries around the world. Not only legally, but culturally unacceptable. As a Chinese raised in a Christian family I have no doubt I am going to raise “a few eyebrows” from my family (and maybe friends) as I change my Facebook profile picture in “rainbow”. I probably will be “asked” to remove this blog post that I am writing right now.

So what does marriage equality means for the Christian faith?

I am not here to comment, as I was having that question in my head as well. Here is an article I read, however, that I would like to share with you.

What does marriage equality means for Christian faith

I am not even here to talk about “rights”. I am not here to judge or criticise. However, if you have doubts like me, I encourage you to open your heart and mind and find your own answers. For me, I just think our world needs more love than judgement.

love wins 2

This is why my “double rainbow” is up at the first place.

Now let’s hope my rainbow and this blog can stay.