A broken heart

Few weeks ago I had a small accident when I tripped over a wooden box and cut myself over the sharp corner of the box, creating a 10cm cut on my mid chest just below the collarbone. While most part of the cut was just a superficial cut (like a graze), the 2cm that pierced into the corner of the box was rather deep. I don’t want to get into the nasty details, but it was not good.


A cut across the chest

The accident happened during a weekend holiday and I was treated in the hospital. Unfortunately the wound was not treated properly. They refused to stitch me up even though later I realized it was probably needed, and the wound was infected. It was too late to stitch up after I returned home from holidays. And two weeks later I was told by the doctor that the infected part was “blocking” the wound so it was unable to heal and she ended up reopening the wound and cleaned it up again. Then she put some surgical tape over and now it’s finally healing. But the whole process is a one month of “bandaging” up and probably six months to a year of scar removal tape.

Having a big cut on the chest is not pretty, considering that area is always exposed (even in winter I wear yoga tops and I can’t really hide it), it also means backbends are prohibited, as I cannot “stretch” the wound. I joke about not being able to do any “heart opening” because it’s already opened. The doctor actually advised me to take full rest, which unfortunately I do not have the luxury and the ability to do so. But I have to back off from any deep backbends and be very gentle with my practice.

It has been 3 weeks already, and probably another week or two to perform any form of deep backbends. I also cannot “sweat”, so any strong practice should be avoided. I love strong asana practice, so this three weeks has been extremely difficult for me. However, learning to listen to the body and learning to back off is part of the yoga practice isn’t it?

We all get injured sometimes, even sometimes in yoga practice. I don’t think we need to “back off” completely, but there are a few things that we can do to keep ourselves “sane” and “balanced” during these slightly difficult times.

1.Practice Restorative and Yin Yoga

After a week of not being able to do any backbends I start to have shoulder and back pain by “intentionally” rounding my back for a week as any small “stretching” action hurts my chest. To ease the shoulder stiffness and back pain I have been practicing restorative yoga every day (compare to once a week). Lying down with bolster along my back, legs against the wall, and gentle spinal twists. I don’t think we should stop yoga completely when we have injuries, as other parts of the bodies will get stiff if you completely stop practicing. Just listen to your body and modify the practice accordingly.


A lot of restorative and yin practices


2. Self Practice

I never appreciate self practice more than ever than these times when I am healing with injuries. While I can still go to yoga class and “modify” my practice, it’s really hard to “not do it” or “do it fully”, at least for personal experience. After trying to “back off” in a Vinyasa classes, I decided I should take charge on my own practice instead. I still maintain strong practice that includes a lot of forward folds and long inversions, including salamba sirsasana and salamba sarvangasana.


Shoulderstands have been so beneficial during this time of no backbends.


3. Yoga is more than asana practice

Maybe it’s ok to actually back off from strong asana practice for a few weeks. Treat it as an opportunity to give your body more rest. Without the strong asana practice, I am spending at home. It means more time in meditation, pranayama and reading and studying my yoga materials.


Yoga is more than asana practice. 

4. Rest

If you are a dedicated yoga practitioner you probably practice 360 days in a year. I know how it feels to not practice for a day, but maybe it’s ok to rest. I think in general we all push ourselves too hard. We don’t always have to “go, go, go”. In these few weeks without the yoga classes I have a lot more spare time and space to slow down and do other things. I went off for a week vacation in the tropical islands, and I indulge myself in long massages, warm baths and I spend a lot of time cooking healthy food for the family, and of course, having time to get back on my blog.


A beautiful yoga practice space in Atmosphere Resort in Dumaguete, Philippines for my week long holidays.

In our asana practice we face physical challenges. Being stiff, being achy, being sore. But we know all these experience make us stronger as we flow through our practice. Same in our real life we have obstacles. Like flowing through a challenging yoga class challenges can only make us stronger. Being able to recognize and “breathe through” challenging times is a real practice of yoga off the mat.

And being about to accept and deal with the chaos in life has brought new opportunities and insights. I no longer focus on the trouble and allow that to pass. I treat this as an opportunity to rest, to find space for my own yoga practice, physically and mentally.

My backbends may take a while to come back, but my forward folds practice is reaching a new level (just kidding). I have to keep a “tape” across my chest for many months going forward but at least winter is coming. And it also means I can shop for more halter tops! And if I really have to show it, hey I may just look more”bad-assed”.

My heart might be “broken” and it may leave a scar. But I am learning to accept it with my truly “open heart”.


3 weeks of lots of forward folds – Samakonasana variation.



A Pain in the Neck

I used to have neck, shoulder and lower back pain. But hey, who doesn’t in the modern world. Sitting at the office, typing away on your phone all the time. These issues are so common to everyone we almost assume they are unavoidable. I thought so too, but then it got worse throughout the years and became unbearable when I was carrying my second child. There were a few times half of my body would paralyze and I would collapse onto the floor. Since I was pregnant I couldn’t really do much about it, so I went through weekly acupuncture to ease the pain throughout the last few months of my pregnancy. Really not fun having needles into your spine when you are carrying a big bump leaning on one side.

Turns out it was more than just sitting and phones, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. Read More

I Am Allergic to Yoga…… Mat!

I have been practising yoga for 4 years now, and everything was fine. I was even a Hot Yoga only kinda girl, spending days and hours in hot rooms, while everyone just sweats and “detoxifies” as they drip on the mats.

Then about 6 months ago every time I walked into a yoga studio I started developing skin allergy. It’s eczema type of allergy where my skin just start developing hives. Super itchy, and they spread if you scratch them. The longer I stay in the studio the worse it gets, and as soon as I leave the studio the allergy will go away by itself in a few hours.

It is really not helpful, especially now I am not just a yoga student but I actually teach yoga. So every day the hives just come and go.
I tried every single kind of ointment, even allergy medicine. They help, but only temporary. The hives come back every day as soon I walk into the studios. When I am stressed it gets worse (that’s normal for allergy). I thought I was allergic to dirty mats or floors at the gyms, and didn’t think there was anything I can do about it since… well.. that’s where I practice and teach.

Then two weeks ago I went to see a homeopath on my spinal issue. And I thought I would discuss with him about my allergy too. He ran a few tests with me. When I was so ready to hear him confirming that I am allergic to dust. He said, “No, you are not allergic to dust.”.

So what is it???!! I was perplexed. Then he said, ” You are allergic to latex, which is.. well, natural rubber.”

When I started practicing few years ago, most studios use PVC mats. As people become more concerned about the environment, most brands start to use natural rubber as the material for yoga mats. Many practitioners and teachers including myself also switch to rubber mats including myself. That includes my favourite JadeYoga mats, Lululemon mats and my best travel mat from Manduka!

10882_yoga mat assortment rolled

Rubber is almost the perfect material for eco friendly yoga mats. It’s natural and sustainable (as long as it’s from sustainable forests). Rubber is really dense but springy, so rubber yoga mats are great for the perfect combination of balance and comfort.

I came home and did a little research about the mats, and realise most of my “good” mats at home are made with natural rubber. I also put them on top of the studio mats….

So sad. The only mat choice I have is the Manduka PRO mat, which is made with PVC. I guess I can try a wool mat or cotton mat. but I am not too convinced as I sweat all over my mats.

I guess the good news is, the homeopath also tested me on other potential allergies and said I am NOT allergic to gluten and dairy.

Feeling annoyed and frustrated, l went to grab a bagel with cream cheese. Haha.

To read more about how to choose a yoga mat:
Latex Allergy and Yoga Mat
How to choose a yoga mat

Now… Can you share with me what is your favourite yoga mat?

The not Eco-friendly Cora

One Year Later – A Confession

A year ago I started my yoga teacher career. At the same time I started my blog – www.playwithcora.com.

What I didn’t mention is that I have written many articles before I even started my blog. I love to write, and I used to sit down and write down what inspired me – thoughts, recipes, family. I thought it was a great idea to push out my blog and my yoga teaching at the same time, to achieve most exposure on social media, which is apparently “crucial to success” in any businesses in modern age.

I was very blessed. I get to pick up a lot of yoga teaching jobs, and very quickly built up my regular classes and students around town.  Very soon I was teaching 15 to 20 hours a week, sometimes more than that.

With my “backed up” articles I also get to keep my blog and my “social profile” going, and I do get some good attraction and it certainly helped me to build my name. I also get the chance to participate in a a lot of public yoga and wellness events from OMFest to IRIS, and from time to time get to show up on interviews and TV. Everything was going well, in fact, much better than I expected.

Very soon I realized I was piled up with class after class, sometimes teaching 5 classes a day. Then I had to line up my Facebook feeds, my blog articles on top of all my family duties as a wife and a mother. I didn’t have time to create my music play list for my classes. I didn’t have time to plan fun and creative sequences, and I had no time to write. There were times when I came home in the evening, totally exhausted, put my kids to bed and tried to stay up and write and schedule my Facebook feed and what I got was “staring at the computer” with my brain go completely blank and just could not write a word. I tried to keep myself updated with my yoga selfies on Instagram (or yoga challenges??) and I was so tired to even want to see myself in photos.

My blog was called PLAY WITH CORA. P.L.a.Y. stands for play, love and yoga. My goal was to share my life as a balanced mother and wife with a fun, fit and playful life through the practice of yoga. A blog is meant for me to share my truthful experience of being a healthy inspired wellbeing. But I didn’t feel balanced, or healthy, or inspired. I was stressed. Even I was not eating too unhealthy I gained 15 pounds over the course of six months. I started having skin allergies. I didn’t feel like I was fulfilling my responsibility as a mother or a wife, as I didn’t have enough time to spend with my family, and I was mostly too tired for them. My yoga teaching became less inspired and more monotonous. I was not happy about it.

I decided to take a sabbatical on my blog. I have to be truthful to my readers. If I don’t feel balanced or fit or healthy how could I write to inspire the others?

Last November I took 10 days off for a yoga retreat in South Africa, my first holiday by myself since I got married.

I decided to focus solely on teaching yoga and deepening my practice for a little while. I dropped my blog and stopped posting on Facebook and Instagram all the time. I write a few lines or share a photo if I am inspired. If I am not, I didn’t bother pushing myself to “post” something. I stopped caring the number of “likes” I get one my Facebook or how many followers I have on Instagram. I probably lost quite a bit of social attraction, and might be “hurting” my career. Well, I better take a bullet on the career front to save my physical and mental health, and my family.


Finding time to dress up, not in yoga clothes.

Few weeks ago I did my yearly spring cleanse – a juice detox that I do every spring. It’s also the time I clean up my home, my mailbox, and various things that have piled up on my desk, in my closet, and well, in my life. When I was organizing my files on my computer I get to read some of my old blog articles. They are really not bad! “Maybe I should write again.” I thought.

I have taken the time to think that through in the last few weeks. I feel like I am fit and capable to call myself healthy, well balanced, playful and fun again.

So on the Labor Day long weekend, I took 2 days off yoga practice, and sit down and write my first article since November.

I probably won’t give myself a schedule forcing myself to submit a post daily, but I will make my best effort to make every article a good read.

I probably won’t schedule Facebook posts, but I will share good content.

Although I haven’t dropped all the 15 pounds that I have gained, I feel pretty good about myself again. Time to take some selfies!

Yoga builds strength, flexibility and balance. As a yoga teacher, I preach that principle. But the biggest challenge is not putting these abilities on your yoga mat, but to be strong, flexible and find balance off the mat in our daily life. And when we can achieve that we find peace.



Finding balance in life.


You can find me here on http://www.playwithcora.com. If you are interested in my yoga classes or reading more about my inspirations find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/playwithcora or on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/playwithcora.


The Final High Flying Flow with Luke and Cora

Luke has been a dear friend. He is an amazing being who started the “trend” of running community classes in Hong Kong. Not only it has brought the yoga community together, he has also inspired more people to try yoga with their friends in a casual environment at public spaces like Tamar Park.

He has also inspired many other yoga teachers to offer themselves to the community and spread the yoga love. He has also spreader the “random act of kindness” suggesting everyone to just randomly do “something nice” to strangers.

As he leaves for Hong Kong and starts his new adventure as a yoga teacher in Pure Yoga Shanghai, I was honoured to teach one of his final classes with him, and hosted him a little farewell party.

It was an amazing evening, with a lot of beautiful souls and smiles, laughs and tears, hugs and snuggles, including pretzeling our bodies over each others in Yoga Twisters, as we send our dear friend off.

Bowen Rooftop Flow is absolutely an inspiration from Luke, as I run this class once a month to bring the community together.

The next one will be on November 22, as I collaborate with 3 amazing yoga teachers Jessica Lee and Doris Au Yeung for a ACROVINYASA class, followed by a Power Vinyasa class co teach by Adam Welrick and myself.

Here are the links to sign up:

Bowen Rooftop ACROVINYASA with Jessica and Doris

Bowen Sunset Rooftop Flow with Adam and Cora

We hope to see you all, but meanwhile let’s enjoy the pictures from the last event.
With playfulness and love,


To download the photos, please go to my Facebook Page,  you will see the Photo Album and you can download, tag and share your photos.

PLaY With Cora

Please share the photos and continue to spread the yoga love,

Please also “Like” my page if you are interested in future events.

Upside Down Business

About a year ago one of my girlfriends talked to be about something called AntiGravity Fitness. What a wacky name. You know Circus de Soleil? That’s what I had in my mind when I read about the technique…. She just got certification on the technique and asked me to try it out.

I was highly skeptical. First of all, it looks hard… but that’s not the reason why I was skeptical. I am OK with hard. But I was one of those yogis that think yoga is yoga and if I am using anything else I am cheating. However, to support my friend I gave it a try.

I went to my first class, with this young (and by the way, really good looking) male instructor, and he told us before we started the class – “We are gonna go upside down!”.

OK. I am a yoga practitioner and absolutely comfortable with going upside down… but I look around at these other students in the class (which includes mid age women, men, no judgements, but people who do not look like they work out or do yoga. And I thought… “Seriously?”


Inversion, is in fact the first pose of the AntiGravity Fundamental sequence. You walk into the class, as a first timer, and the first thing they do to you is to flip you upside down.

So much courage needed.

So there I went… upside down, supported by the hammock… Oh My God. It was the best supported inversion ever. I felt my spine lengthen and stretched out in a way that I have never experienced before, even I practised yoga on a daily basis. After the inversion we did some movements on the hammock, some stretches, and swinging. Yes! SWINGING! It was really fun to swing like a kid again.

After class, I asked this handsome instructor to take a picture of me, and here is the picture.


I looked at the picture, looking beautiful… upside down.. like an aerial artist. This picture immediately become my Facebook profile pic, my phone wallpaper… you name it. I look at myself and see myself doing something that I never thought I could do.

The message is so empowering.


One year later, not only that I am still practising this technique, I am now a Certified AntiGravity Instructor on Fundamentals 1&2, Aerial Yoga and Suspension Fitness. And everyday I flip new people upside down and bring the same empowering experience to everyone.

I also have a AntiGravity hammock at home, in which my son go upside down with, my daughter swings in it and takes her daily nap in there. Even my husband would go upside down.  It has become part of our lives in my family.

IMG_4214 IMG_5305

Yoga is constantly evolving. We now use props like straps, blocks, dharma wheel, wall, to help us on the practice. The hammock will not replace my regular grounded yoga practice, but the hammock has strengthened my yoga practice. And if you are only a seasoned practitioner the Anti Gravity hammock is an amazing gateway to expand your practice.

Oh.. forgot to mention… a year later I get myself into the original pose that got me hooked, the “Chandelier”. After months of practice I can finally touch my toes to my head.


And that handsome instructor? Now we work together as a team, as healers, bringing health, joy, and levity to as many people as possible.

“:When you open up space in your body, you open up space in your mind.” = Christopher Harrison, Founder of AntiGravity Fitness.


*** Featured image taken at my home by http://www.beatriceleephotography.com.
*** Other pictures in the post taken in Epic Yoga studio and Epic MMA Club, the only licensed AntiGravity studio in Hong Kong. Come for a trial class at http://www.epicmma.com. You can also check on my schedule on my Facebook page:


A bitter sweet day for me

Summer holiday is officially over as my children started school today.

My 6 year old son is not a kindergartener anymore. He is now in Grade 1. Big boy.

And finally my 3 year old is also at school, putting on her new school uniform and joined her brother at the same school.

I never put my daughter in a nursery  I know most Hong Kong parents do… well… a lot of them start sending their babies to playgroup at 6 months old. However since I was a full time mother and with her brother at full day school I wanted to keep her with me longer so I could give her full attention. Another reason to that is because my elder one needs a lot more attention than his sister.

IMG_4049Six years ago I gave up my investment banking job to become a full time mother. For 6 years my life and schedule works around theirs. And they are my everything (and there is my husband, of course). But finally both of them are off. I can’t keep them next to me anymore. It was a really bitter sweet moment as I sent them off to school today.

Since last year I have been preparing myself for this moment. The moment that the house will be so quiet as I send both of them on the school bus. I was really freaking out. 6 years of disconnection to the outside world. What can I do next? It would be difficult to get back to the financial industry (and I wasn’t sure if I want to do that either…) But what can I do?

I am glad during the last few years I found my new passion – yoga. Yoga didn’t only improve my health and flexibility, it has also made me a better mother and wife. And it transformed my life so much that it had become my “next project”. For those who have read my blogs you knew that I am now a yoga teacher. However, until today I still looked at myself as a full time mother and a part time yoga teacher, slowing transitioning into my next stage. But today it really stroke me that “This is it!”. My full time mom life is over. I am the one who is having separation anxiety.

IMG_4050When I took her to school this morning, she didn’t even want me to hold her hand. She said she could walk up the stairs herself. She said she is now a big girl. When we got into the classroom she just joined her friends and played. No separation anxiety, not even a bye. I was sitting in the corner watching her played, socialised and felt almost overly comfortable and and I knew she is more ready than I am for this. The only time she looked “perplexed” was when we told her it was time to go home. And she said, “But I want to come back again!”.

As my little one starts her new chapter with such enthusiasm, curiosity and courage, it inspires me to take the same attitude on my new adventure as a yoga teacher. Thank you Zoe Anne. Today you showed me you are much braver than Mommy she facing your new adventure. I am super proud of you.

I am still feeling a little emotional, and a little lonely. But I am just going to hold my tears in and take a deep breath.  I have a class to teach.

From the mat to the ring

Recently I have started going back to kickboxing with my trainer again. To be honest, I like kickboxing but not as much as I love yoga (of course). I am doing it because of my husband. We usually do an hour of private session with our trainer together. It’s a great thing to do something active together as husband and wife (more on that later).

As I become a yoga teacher I have dropped boxing for almost a year, as I teach in most mornings and I just have less time to do anything else on top of my teaching schedule and own yoga practice. However as the teaching part get more stabilised I am finally finding some time to “cross-train” a little bit with other sports. And it is nice to workout with my husband again.

I am never good at this… even before. But after dropping it for so many months it’s really hard to pick it up again. I have been to 3 sessions so far (once a week) and I still move like a crab.

First in the warm up I did a forward jab and than I screamed “Aw!”. I hurt my wrist. I was probably turning my wrist down instead of keeping it straight as I extended my arm.

Then in the middle of the 2 minutes sparring, I started losing balance. Finally I said “Time out”. I told him I just found my moves really awkward and I did not feel comfortable. I asked him to slow down, explained to me all over again about the stance, the alignments and the movements before we started again.

It was much better afterwards. After the class I couldn’t help but think… How important it is to approach our exercise intelligently. Where you place your foot… How you move your arms… Which direction do you extend. They are not random moves. Once you put yourself in the right alignment your moves become natural (well.. a little bit more natural), but definitely more stable and powerful.

It makes me think of my yoga practice. For years I practised with wrong alignments (I tend to hyperextend) and was probably not caring too much about placing my hands and feet properly. Most people rush from pose to pose, especially in a flow class. Or they kinda just do their poses in a “half assed” way. Tell me if you always bend your front foot to full 90 degree angle in every Warrior 2 that you do. I admit.. I don’t.

However, when I was doing my kickboxing this morning, because I am not familiar with the movements, I gave extra interest and attention on the alignments and how I moved. From that I created strength, flexibility and power.

When I get back on the mat today, I asked myself not to go autopilot, and looked at every single basic pose and approached them with fresh eyes. Every time I placed my foot or my hand, I carefully and mindfully put them down. Every time I extended my arms, I extended them fully so my biceps touched my ears. Every pose I took my time to engage in all the necessary muscles.

Needless to say, it was an amazing practice. I walked out feeling so strong, so open, like all channels in the body were unclogged.

It’s easy to go to auto pilot mode after you have been practising for years. It’s easy to have your mind drift away. Try to approach your next yoga class (or your exercise) with a beginner’s mind. You will find some new light in your practice.

And also… be curious about anatomy.. so when your yoga teacher mention about the sacrum or the pirifomis next time you know exactly where they are.

I am going to dig out my book now.

It’s all in your head, or should I say… on your head?

A friend of mine has initiated a 20 minutes Headstand Challenge for the last 30 days. It is one of the practice that I wished I would do more but never managed to do enough in yoga classes (in fact almost never). So when a bunch of my friends decided to pick up the challenge I thought I would give it a go too.

So everyday we did a 20 minutes headstand, and we post and share on Facebook. With all the friends joining together, posting our selfies and sharing our journey it definitely motivates us to do it everyday.

To see my full journey on 20 minutes headstand you can go to my

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playwithcora
Instagram: https://instagram.com/playwithcora

So today is Day 30. I have been maintaining this practice for the last 30 days and I have to say I really love it. Waking up and stand on the head for 20 minutes is not only a training for the body but also the mind. When you get into it it’s almost meditative, and it clears your head to start the day.

I am going to maintain this practice (maybe not 20 minutes every day as now I am up for other new challenges too!) but this will definitely be part of my daily practice, 5 minutes or 20.

I would love to share some more benefits on doing headstand but that is not my message today. I just come back to Hong Kong from a two week holiday and doing some writing and I came across a a blog post I wrote about a year ago.. Here is the original post I put up when I was on my Day 36 of  Kenzai Body program.


Day 36 – Out of the “Blues” and Out of the Blue


It looks like there has been a contagious Week 5 blues going around… I think everyone is getting a bit tired, hungry, or bored. I was feeling low too but in the fresh week I am trying to get out of the “blues” and gain some momentum back.

There was a special yoga class this morning that was definitely beyond my level. But being bold and brave I signed up intend to give myself a little push. The class involved a lot of advanced skills on arm balances and inversions – postures that I do not usually have much chances to practice on a daily basis (I usually take more beginner level classes). I was expected to fail in a lot of postures, which I did. In the middle of the class my teacher asked us to do a 5 minutes headstand. I have been at a stage of doing headstands with my feet against the wall, perhaps unsupported for a very short moment. I propped myself up against the wall and then moved my feet away. The timer was ticking and I was still holding my pose. I hold, and hold, and hold and “beep beep” finally the timer went off. 5 minutes unsupported headstand! Where did that come from?!!

The rest of the class was still challenging, but I found myself able to do a lot more arm balances and inversions that I have never managed to do before (or at least getting there). Out of the blue, without knowing it, I am now ready to get up to headstands and tripod headstands without the wall. It was all Kenzai’s work (as I do not practice those postures often). My arms and core are definitely getting stronger. The change was obvious through the tough postures. Amazing.

I left the class with extremely sore arms, I thought my Kenzai workout would be a disaster today. I started skipping. Unexpectedly, it was a good skipping day. First trip at 314, then another two in the next hundred ( when you start to trip you keep tripping?!) and after that I just cruised it all the way till the end! That’s more than 700 skips without a trip and a total of 3 trips in 1200 jumps! Wa la! My personal best!

I was really shocked by my own fitness level today. Maybe it’s just a  ” once in a blue moon” thing and tomorrow I will trip like crazy again. Maybe I won’t be able to do another 5 minutes headstand again. But today I felt like I was on a high and was at my “peak performance” (this is Kenzai’s old name). And darn it felt good.

I am ready to take myself to the next level, and I am intrigued to see how far can Kenzai push my physical limits to. Negative pull ups, you are next…

Link to the post: Day 36 – Out of the “Blues” and Out of the Blue


I just read this post and it’s just crazy.

“5 minutes unsupported headstand! Where did that come from?!!!” Did I write that???

I couldn’t believe a year ago I was bragging about my 5 minutes headstand and my 314 skips (and what was amazing it that I was actually counting!!) Now I am standing on my head for 20 minutes a day, and can skip continuously for 15-20 minutes… on a good day, no trips.

If you think you cannot do it.. it’s all in your head. Our bodies are amazing. If you think you are not flexible and never start stretching, it’s just going to get worse. If you think you never really exercised I tell you I would say the same thing two years ago. IT IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. You can do it. One step at a time, but work hard. When you look back a year later it will surprise you.

This phrase has become one of my own “mantra” and I would love to share it with you.

“True strength doesn’t derive from performing what you know you can do. But rather from surpassing what you thought you could not.”


I am finishing this post off with a video of me doing a little dance on the head. I can’t post a good resolution video on WordPress please click on the following link:

Cora’s Headstand practice

Handstand, you are next.


After note:

Headstand in Padmasana (Lotus) has become one of my favourite poses. The feature image it taken by renowned yoga photographer Richard Pilnick.

To see his amazing work:

Website | http://www.yoga.photography
Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/YogaPhotographyLtd
Instagram | https://instagram.com/yogaphotographer/